Monday, March 26, 2018

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Running late this morning. Hope all is well  with you.

I spent the day on Friday looking for wreaths for Tuesdays program. I had picked up 10 at the dollar store and have been checking back to see if they restocked, no luck 😟.  Since I was off on Friday I went to all the dollar stores in the area to see if I could find more, again no luck 😟.   

Image result for dollar store wreaths

I worked at the Library on Saturday and was feeling stressed about the wreaths so got on line to see what Michael's had.  Theirs are not the same style and definitely not the same price $4.99 instead of $1.00. I do have to say I like the style more. I will post pictures soon. But they only had 10 at the nearest store and the others in the area only had 5 and 4. There was an online coupon for 30% off Saturday only, on all regular price items.

Ashland Grapevine Wreath, 10"

At first I was bummed as I really wanted the discount but didn't have time to wait for an online order to deliver, then I noticed that you could order online and pickup in store. So I placed an online order to pickup in store for the 10 at the nearest store and was able to pick them up after work.  I now have a total of 20 wreaths which is what I need for the program, they all just don't match. 😞

  Sunday was spent dying wool. I have a lot of red and blue, a pale pink skirt and some pale blue and yellow, so have some bright and some pastel but wanted more variety. I got busy with kool-aid and when I ran out of that I started using stamp pad re-inkers. 

I talked about the kool-aid before but this is the first time I tried the re-inkers.  Since the re-inkers were a water based ink I used vinegar to set the ink. They worked out ok. The ink absorbed into the fabric but did not spread out as much as the kool-aid did. So the wool has a more variegated look.  I took the wool from the pan and put it in a bowl and added fresh water to see if the bye would wash out. It held. Because we are making flowers the variegated will work. I made a couple and they look nice. The variegated gives them a little more depth.

I will post project pictures soon.......

.........As promised here are the pictures

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