Thursday, August 18, 2016

So Much to Share


Sorry it has been so long since I last posted. I do have some things to show you today. I have started to learn to needle felt. The little guy above I made as a gift for Carrie. If you have seen any of my posts about craft fairs you will know that she participates in craft shows with me, that is until she moved to Minnesota. So part of my absence has been a road trip to Minnesota to visit her.

Here are a few detail shots of Mr. Frog.

While I was there I acquired a new toy. An Ashford traditional spinning wheel. Carries mother-in-law was downsizing and was looking for a new home for this lovely.
When Carrie asked if I was interested, my response was Yes! Oh! Yes! LOL

 I was at my daughters house today checking on cats and to meet up with the ac repair man as she in on vacation. I brought crafts to work on and had a handy little helper. You can see pins that I was working on and Gordy had to be right on top of them.

I have also been making more owls and turkeys. 

I have been finding some lovely wools at the thrift stores. Each owl is uniquely individual. I have added some needle felted details to the wings on the newest ones.

The turkeys I have made before. I love using the colorful wools as fall leaf tail feathers. He has a head and the tail is tied around the neck of the bottle. I am thinking of making the body go further down the bottle more like the owls. What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by