Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Going Green - Up Cycled Mini Album

Container, we are using a box donated to the library
Wallpaper samples
Paint chips
Tissue box
White, blue, pink and yellow paper
Double stick tape
7/8" Scallop Circle Punch
2 3/8"Scallop Circle Punch 
Artisan Label Punch
Boho Blossoms Punch
1/2" Circle punch 

To begin the construction of the album we will create an accordian fold spine from a strip of wallpaper cut 8.5” x 3”. Score 1” from either end and ½” increments between.

The one inch on the end is where the first envelope page will be attached. The next ½” space is the flat/valley  spine between pages. The 2nd and 3rd  ½” spaces will be folded up in a mountain to create the place to attach the second envelope page. Continue leaving a ½” flat/valley and folding a mountain until you get to other 1” end.  Use double stick tape on the wrong side of the paper to tape the valleys shut. This will give you a patter of 1” flat, score, ½” flat, mountain, ½” flat, mountain, ½”flat, mountain, ½” flat, mountain, ½” flat, score, 1” flat.


You can now begin adding your envelopes pages. To create the pages the envelopes were sealed and 3” cut from each end making little pocks. Lay your spine vertically and have all the mountains flatten so that they are pointing away from you. Put double stick tape on the 1” flat end at the top. Position the envelope pocket so that it is center on the 1” flat with the closed end lined up with the score line. Add double stick tape to the mountain below on the side that you can see and position your next envelope, lining up the bottom with the score line and the sides with the sides of the envelope above it. Keep adding envelopes to the other mountains.



 Put double stick tape on the 1” bottom piece and attach the last envelope with the closed side lined up with the score line. The sides even with the other envelope and the opening facing you.

You now have all of your pages attached and are ready to decorate.

 You will be decorating five layouts. Use double stick tape to attach the wallpaper and paint chips to the pages using the pictures below as guides. Attach the flower embellishments with a glue pen.



 The tabs you can see on the pages are inserts to slip inside the envelope opening. To create these, fold the decorative punched piece in half and use double stick tape to adhere to the white card stock. Glue the two blue tabs on the left, the two yellow in the middle and the pink on the right.  Glue a flower in a different color to the right side of the tab.     

We can now decorate the cover. Use a piece of white card stock to reinforce the spine. Put double stick tape on the white card stock in the middle making sure that it does not extend to the edges.

Set the spine of the album on the tape, making sure it is centered. Fold the ends up and make a nice crease even with the front and back envelope. Add more tape to secure the ends to the envelope pages on each end.  Use tissue box card stock to make the cover. If the tissue box looks good with the pages you can use as is. If the box does not coordinate, cover with wallpaper to match the rest of the album.  Attach with double stick tape. Your album is now ready to go in the file box.


  To jazz up the outside to the file box we are going to make a belly band, using burlap, ribbon and paper. Hot glue the ribbon to the burlap. Wrap around the file box and trim so that it just overlaps on the lid. Use Velcro dots to secure the overlapping ends.

To make the flower to decorate the belly band, stack the 5 punched scalloped circles and use the point of a scissors to poke a hole in the center of the stack.

Place a brad through the hole and use that to hold on to.

 Begin with the top punch and pull it up and crunch it. Pull up and crunch each of the next 3 punches and leave the bottom one flat. Spread the prongs of the brad to secure and glue on top of the ribbon on the file box.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Comic Con

Hello All!

This year I got to attend Comic Con St Louis. I went with a girl from work on Saturday and Sunday. We met up with my Daughter and her boyfriend on Saturday. Some of the highlights of the weekend were the panels with Adam West and Burt Ward on Saturday, the Costume Contest, and the Firefly panel on Sunday. I have just a few photos below but have links in the sidebar to pages of more photo. I hope you enjoy them.

Thanks for stopping by

     ~ Iantha ~



Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I'm Back and other Random Thoughts

So Sorry for the long Hiatus. 

Here are some of the things that have been going on the past month. Added onto my regular 40 hours at work, which does take away a lot of online and craft time, lol. 

At the end of February I was working on my Going Green program, even though it is a program that I present for work, I do most of my prep at home. And all my search for materials is done on my own time. For March we turned Readers Digest condensed books, the older ones from the 50's and 60's that have the pretty covers, into purses. 

The first week of March was spent prepping for my trip to France, my daughter and I went over so to visit my sister and her family. About half of my suitcase was filled with stuff to take over for them, things they can't find in France. 

Darn it is so easy to get sidetracked, 
                                             went looking for the list and got sucked into facebook : )

Found it, I only got half the list Tiff had the other. As you can see it is all regular everyday items that just can't be found over there. 

Popcorn cheese powder 
Mint extract 
Crest glide dental floss 
5 (brand) gum in Rain flavor (green) (2 'bags' of 3 packs)  
Hormel pepperoni (one regular, one turkey if possible) [gilli couldnt find it at target, found it at dierbergs] 
Beef jerky (2 jack links bag) 
Maybelline Age Rewind concealer (2) in shade 'fair' or 'light' 
Black ankle socks for gilli 
Generic alkaseltzer tablets
Doritos Cool ranch bag  
Root beer extract 

Of course after the trip I was jet lagged for a week and didn't accomplish anything but going to work. And then I had to prep for my Going Green March program which was Yo-Yo necklaces. I did make kits for everyone to create my sample necklace but then had a large fabric stash for them if they did not like the fabrics I had chosen. 

I will post my projects soon and lots of pictures of France!

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