Monday, March 30, 2015

Going Green Book Page Wreath

Old Book
Cardboard circle
Black card stock
Double stick tape
Hot glue gun
Dish or glass to trace
for inner black circle
and a smaller size to trace
for inner book page circle

Tear pages out of the book
you selected.

 Lay the page horizontally

 lift the bottom right corner and add
double stick tape to the page following
the pink line in the picture

 Roll from the bottom right corner to the
middle of the page making a small cone.

 Roll from the bottom right corner to the
middle of the page making a small cone.

Add double stick tape to the top left of the
page following the pink line in the picture
above. And continue to roll the cone.

Determine the top bottom and sides

 Punch a hole in the top

Add your first cones on the four lines and then fill in the pie shapes with the rest of your cones.

Attach a piece of ribbon to the hole you punched

To create the center use a CD trace around it on a book page.
Cut it out and use double stick tape to attach to the CD.

Use a slightly smaller item to draw a circle onto the black cardstock, (for todays program I cut out scalloped circles for you to use.) Next use an even smaller item to draw another circle onto a book page. And cut it out. Layer the items together using double stick tape

 Cut out the monogram of your choice and glue to the center.

Hot Glue the CD to the center of the wreath.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Keeping Busy

Life has been keeping me busy again. I am working on cleaning out the basement so that I can move my craft room down there. I am reclaiming the bedroom for a guest room. We will be having guests in May, my Sister and her family will be coming in from France to attend my Daughters wedding. I have the small bedroom with a single bed ready for visitors already which will be great for my niece, but need to be able to have a full size bed for Lisa and Francois.

I have cleared out a good portion of the basement, the Got Junk people are awesome and took a lot of stuff. Other stuff has been going to the Goodwill. I am now ready to paint!

On top of all of that I have been working with my Daughter and her bridesmaids to get invitations, table numbers, place-cards, banners, center pieces and bouquets ready for the wedding. I have some book page flowers to create for the bouquets and they will be finished. We then have a couple more centerpieces to make and all of the decorations will be done. We still need to make the programs, I need to hem the dress make the sheer partlet for the dress and make my dress then we might be ready. 

Once that is done I can work on the invitations and decorations for the bridal shower.

What can I say Keeping Busy! 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Going Green December– Celebrate Birthday/Anniversary Reminder Wall Hanging

Step 1 – Select a wallpaper sample as your base for the wall hanging. Use this to find coordinating paint chips and wallpaper scraps to stamp your celebrate and months on and to write your birthdays on.

Step 2 – Put double stick tape around the edges of one of your 6 x 12” card board pieces, add a few in the middle. 
Decide what part of the image on the wallpaper you would like to be the focus and place your card board on the back of the wallpaper so that this image fits on the cardboard, remember that your celebrate letters and months will cover some of the image so what you really want to see should be in either the top left or right of the cardboard. On my sample you can see that the rose that I used for the color inspiration is on the right.

Once you have the card board placed trim off excess paper, leaving about 1 – 1 ½” around the cardboard. Place double stick tape on the short ends and fold them to the back. On the long sides fold in the corners, like when wrapping a present. Add double stick tape to the long sides and fold them to the back. 

Step 3 – Cut the paint chips and wallpaper pieces that you have selected for the months to 1” x 2 ¼”. Decide what order you would like to have them on the hanging, you might want to mark them on the back so that you remember when you go to stamp them. Stamp the months on them in black stazeon ink. These can now be added to the bottom of the hanging with double stick tape. Line them up with the bottom of the chip along the bottom of the hanging. 

Step 4 – Stamp the letters for celebrate onto paint chips and wallpaper pieces and punch out with the 1 ¼” circle punch. Arrange these on the hanging so that they work well with your wallpaper design. They can either be in a straight line or in a random pattern similar to my sample. Use double stick tape to secure in place.

Step 5 – Cut you ribbon into lengths about 12” to 15”. Cut 12 pieces and then a length to make your hanger. Adhere one end of a ribbon to the back of the hanging behind each month. 

Step 6 – Using double stick tape attach the other 12 x 6 cardboard to the back to your hanging.
Step 7 – Use the crop-o-dile to punch holes in the top corners. Tie your ribbon hanger to each of these holes. 

Step 8 – Use the one inch circle punch to punch out the circles to write the date and name of your friends and family on. You only need to add the number and name so for someone born on January 1st just writer a 1 and the name.