Monday, March 12, 2018

Morning Coffee ~ OMG! Tax Time


I totally don't have anything planned for today. :( 

I am excited about daylight savings! Woot Woot!   Spring time won't be too far away.

I spent the weekend cleaning, organizing and working on taxes.

I found some very helpful sites for taxes for craft business and that is what helped me get through the schedule c and schedule se.  The first one was Craftybase which is an online inventory system for craft based businesses. I am seriously thinking of signing up with them. Just not sure as my inventory is so fluid, I don't have one design that I make multiples of, I have dozens of card designs and prints and they are all different and when I sell one I make a replacement but it is usually different as well.

Maybe I should steam line with a few set designs that I make multiples of and then have a few different specialty items.

I usually try to have a wide variety of styles to appeal to a larger audience. I have noticed that since I limited the items that I had to all book up-cycle items that I had more sales.

But I also introduced the dictionary page quotes and they were a hit. And with those I had probably 100 different quotes.

When you are looking for items at a craft fair are you looking for a vendor who has a set style that you know that if you don't pick it up at this sale that there will be several still available at the next sale? Or do you like a booth were you see a product you like but have a wide variety of choices?  Throw me a comment I would love your opinion.

Back to taxes the second site that I found helpful was The Balance. This site doesn't just cover business taxes but is a wealth of information on finance. They cover personal finance, money hacks, small business, career and investing.

You should totally check them out.

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