Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Miss You Already

That is what the banner said that I created for Carrie's going away party. Her last day at the library was Friday the 20th and we had a potluck. 

I used the book Runaway Ralph for the background:

       1. She is running away
       2. Library party ~ had to use book pages 
       3. She and her Husband have pet rats
       4. It just fit so well!

As I said before not only did Carrie work with me at the library but she also did craft fairs with me. So now to be able to do fairs together one of us will have to road trip. Either Carrie down here or me up to Minnesota. 

Though having to run the booth by myself on Saturday at Parkway Central got me over my anxiety about being alone at a Craft Fair. I think I shouldn't be too stressed about doing one alone again.

And while the potluck was going on Carries Car got Creeped!!  Fun!

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