Wednesday, June 20, 2018


I have air and internet again!!!!!!

The AC died on Wednesday of last week and we suffered through some 90+ days with heat index of 100+

I commented there is a positive note ----- we sweated a lot of toxins out of our bodies while the AC was down.

I got boos.

The AC got repaired on Monday so we are cool now. 

Then on Thursday of last week we had a quick storm blow through and the power went out. I knew this when I came home as all the clocks were flashing and the computer was off, and the modem was dead. 

Yep the power surge fried the modem.

Finally got the replacement on Tuesday!

So I am back.

Other news I put an offer in on a house. We have inspections on Monday. Just waiting to see how those go and then the appraisal to do before I can actually say it is going to be mine.

Will get back with you on all that soon.

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Friday, June 8, 2018

Around the World in 80 Days?

No that is not where I have disappeared to, but since the last craft fair I have totally been on a hiatus. Some times I wish I could just float away and leave all the everyday worries on the ground.

It seems like I haven't been here in ages. 
     I guess a month is a bit long : (

House hunting has totally got me stressed. 
     Change can be exciting and hard at the same time. I like seeing new things, new places and new adventures. It is all exciting and I feel that this is mostly because you have the familiar of home waiting for you, a cosy cocoon waiting to wrap you up in all that is know and loved. 

Trying to find the perfect new place to become that place of warm familiar comfort is a bit overwhelming. What if you choose the wrong place and you never feel at home again. 

l look at all these houses and try to picture living there. 

Sometimes I can't. Sometimes I can but not with my things. Sometimes I feel that I would have to change to live in that house. Sometimes I feel that I have to change to be able to live anywhere else. And if I move will I still be me?

Have I been settled in too long?

Sorry for the rant.

I will float away again for a bit.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Florissant Valley of Flowers Craft Fair

Just a few pictures from the Florissant Valley of Flowers Craft Fair. Thanks to you all who stopped by to say Hi!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Morning Coffee


Sorry I was absent last week. I spent most of the day Monday at Toyota getting a recall taken care of. I did do some work and up loaded some pics to Instagram.

The first step is to draw out the design in pencil. Then you ink it in and then add color.

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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Spring Has Finally Sprung

And the yard is a sea of violets!

Yes it has been more than a month since the Spring equinox but now the ground is a riot of color! 

A mass of green and purple covers the lawn.

It seemed as if winter was going to hang on forever. We have had to cover new plants several times to prevent a freeze.

 Now it seems that we are going to get a bit of spring.

Temps are in the 60's this week and will head into the 70's next week. Hopefully they will stay that way for the Valley of Flowers weekend of the 4th and 5th of May.

I would love to have some wonderful weather for the craft fair that weekend. Here the weather can change on a dime, one day it will be warm and the next it feels like winter again. 

I do remember having to wear a winter coat and have hand warmers for the craft fair before, we have also had lovely warm weather, and on other occasions rain and tornados. 

This year I am hoping for warm but could live with chilly if it is nice and dry. Cross your fingers. 


Monday, April 16, 2018

Morning Coffee


Today I wanted to share some fun things that I found online that all of you book lovers will enjoy!

This charming teaspoon is perfect
for your afternoon tea sitting in the
window with a good book.

Love this Dewey reference to the
fairy tale section of the library.

Yes, Yes I am!!!!

Read Past Bedtime - Mug

Need a new i phone case,
this one has the perfect quote.
I have noticed since I was little
that - Books do change us.

Tessa Gray Quote by lighttwoods

Hope you enjoyed these

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