Friday, February 16, 2018

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art - Details

We went to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art the first evening of our stay in Kansas City. 

We went back on the second day as we were not able to see it all the previous evening. We entered through a different door and when I saw this guy I decided that I would be looking for animals in the art.

I like looking for the small details in art. So as we were taking everything in I not only looked at the over all composition of the work but paid close attention to those details.

In this picture The Pearl of Great Price we see in the corner a maid with a pair of doves.  As the men ponder the jewel, are we seeing here the true pearl of great price?

 I love the details in these two paintings. The romanticized pastoral scenes juxtaposed against the ancient ruins. They totally appeal to my love of archaeology.

This is not a detail snippet but is the actually painting. I love the mischievous cat trying to get his dinner.

In this painting I found another cat. This one is hissing and spitting, and I am sure he has no part in the story of the painting but is merely one of those details of added to make the scene a true representation of life.

 More Ruins ~ Pyramids and the Sphinx. I so love the colors in this painting.

More animals


In this etching of a city street we see a couple of dogs chasing a cat.

More Cats!!!!

The Egyptian Collection

I hope you have enjoyed these details that I found at the museum.

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