Monday, February 5, 2018

Morning Coffee ~ My go to Blogs


Just wanted to share with you some of the blogs that I have been reading lately.

For FUN my go to blog is Epbot, love Jen with all her Geekery. 

I also enjoy slipping through the secret key hole and visiting A Fanciful Twist. Vanessa's blog pairs the soul of a gypsy with gorgeous photography to bring her fanciful world to life. Need a whimsical getaway then this is the place to be.

When I am in the mood to play around with pictures I visit photofunia.  With all their filters you can create lots of fun effects with your photos.

For more serious business (we all have to think about business some time) I like these blogs.

Natalie's blog covers money management and blogging and how to blog for money. She has a concise writing style so her posts are short and right to the point with lots of good links.

The first post that I read on this blog was about core values, which I thought was interesting as I had just read a post about core values on Natalie's blog. I had read through several of her posts and came to the core values one and thought it struck home. 

So I was a bit surprised when I came to Elite Blog Academy and the first post title on their blog wa

This post discusses core values for their company but it still has relevance to an individual, especially if you are looking to start a business and want to establish a set of core values for the business. 

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