Monday, December 28, 2015

Book Cover Journals

I am in the process of making some journals. Since I have been using so many books for other items I end up with lots of covers so figured I should put them to use. I am always getting a variety of books the newer books give me nice crisp white pages. Some times though I want to have that aged vintage look, who am I kidding if I had my way everything would have that aged vintage look. LOL! But since I don't craft just for myself I try to expand my boundaries. My Going Green program where I have to come up with a way for 20 different ladies to create the same thing but with their own twist has helped me do this.

This journal is almost finished. I still want to add some, lined and graft paper, scrapbook paper and coordinating cardstock. Since this book had a dust jacket with a lovely image I wanted to add that to the journal. I attached it to the inside of the front cover. I then finished the journal off with lots of wonderful ribbons, love the texture.

Below are some of the modern looking journals.

And more lovely vintage covers.

The spines will be made into book marks.

I started showing the process, but then my camera died. : (

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