Friday, June 8, 2018

Around the World in 80 Days?

No that is not where I have disappeared to, but since the last craft fair I have totally been on a hiatus. Some times I wish I could just float away and leave all the everyday worries on the ground.

It seems like I haven't been here in ages. 
     I guess a month is a bit long : (

House hunting has totally got me stressed. 
     Change can be exciting and hard at the same time. I like seeing new things, new places and new adventures. It is all exciting and I feel that this is mostly because you have the familiar of home waiting for you, a cosy cocoon waiting to wrap you up in all that is know and loved. 

Trying to find the perfect new place to become that place of warm familiar comfort is a bit overwhelming. What if you choose the wrong place and you never feel at home again. 

l look at all these houses and try to picture living there. 

Sometimes I can't. Sometimes I can but not with my things. Sometimes I feel that I would have to change to live in that house. Sometimes I feel that I have to change to be able to live anywhere else. And if I move will I still be me?

Have I been settled in too long?

Sorry for the rant.

I will float away again for a bit.

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