Thursday, April 26, 2018

Spring Has Finally Sprung

And the yard is a sea of violets!

Yes it has been more than a month since the Spring equinox but now the ground is a riot of color! 

A mass of green and purple covers the lawn.

It seemed as if winter was going to hang on forever. We have had to cover new plants several times to prevent a freeze.

 Now it seems that we are going to get a bit of spring.

Temps are in the 60's this week and will head into the 70's next week. Hopefully they will stay that way for the Valley of Flowers weekend of the 4th and 5th of May.

I would love to have some wonderful weather for the craft fair that weekend. Here the weather can change on a dime, one day it will be warm and the next it feels like winter again. 

I do remember having to wear a winter coat and have hand warmers for the craft fair before, we have also had lovely warm weather, and on other occasions rain and tornados. 

This year I am hoping for warm but could live with chilly if it is nice and dry. Cross your fingers. 


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