Sunday, October 1, 2017

Going Green ~ Tissue Box Cards

I just had my first Going Green now that FV has reopened and for this program I chose card making. 

The up-cycled portion of the program was using tissue boxes to supply the decorative element instead of scrapbook paper. 

I know they look a little flat in the photos. I took these at work and just laid them on the counter to take the picture. I needed them for my write up of the instructions. 

The Best Wishes card was lying on a piece of green card stock as the card base was the same shade of grey and it blended into the counter. 

The first two cards made use of nice sized rectangles as the focal feature. 

The third card uses four small squares combined to create the focal feature.  

On the last cards I used StazOn ink and stamped directly onto the tissue box  and then cut out around the image. 

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