Sunday, July 30, 2017

Clutter Busting

I am in the process of cleaning out some of the clutter in my basement. It was just getting so full. Of course that is where I keep all of my craft supplies and it is a bit overwhelming. Especially during craft fair season. I will set up tables to craft on and get everything all spread out and I like to leave it all out to pick up where I left off the next day. 

BUT! When it is time for a craft fair I have to get everything off of the tables to use at the show. 

SO! stuff just gets swept into the nearest container and stashed away. Not the best organizational system.

The article linked above provides a unique perspective to decluttering. The rest of the blog has other useful information to browse.

I think her method makes a great deal of sense, but as I do not have an area large enough to do this in considering all the items I have in my basement; I am doing the bit by bit method of judging the items and trashing, donating or reorganizing what I want to keep.

It's Slooooow going.

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