Friday, January 13, 2017

Happy New Year! "A Wee Bit Late"

Hello All!

The beginning of 2017 has been non eventful but still I haven't gotten around to doing any of the things that I would like. No resolutions made and no new projects started. The weather has been a roller coaster of cold, colder, warm, rainy and now icy. Most of my town has cancelled activities due to the ice storm this weekend. I had no work today so have a 4 day weekend. Knock on wood that the ice isn't too bad and the power stays on. 

Hopefully I can get started on some things that really make it feel like a new year/new start is here. With that in mind I need to decide what it is that I want to work on. 

I usually visit Ali Edwards site about this time of year and see what she is doing. I love her one little word project that she does every year. I am such a lurker, I haven't taken her workshop but I do like to select a word.

My word for 2017 is Tribe!
I want to become more connected to my Tribe, whether it be family, friends, work or business. I tend to be a loaner and I want to overcome that and become an active participant in my tribe. 

And I discovered another blog, thanks to pinterest, Flax and Twine.  Anne is doing mini challenges this year which sound more manageable than full scale resolutions. I am thinking that this may be the way I go this year. So now I need to start my list of mini challenges. She has them laid out by month. So there is something new to begin each month and if the one you just finished worked well you can choose to keep up with it and add in the new challenge. Hers don't interfere with each other they are just new activities that she would like to incorporate into her daily routine. You can learn more about her challenges on this post.

  So I took me all of January to just realize that January was almost over and I hadn't event put down on paper what I might be considering for my mini resolutions. And now February is here so I need to get a move on if I am to salvage most of the year. 

In Flax and Twine's resolutions she has this for February.

"FEBRUARY – Consistent Work Plan.  As a work-from-home entrepreneur, I experience time-management challenges. Especially as one with tons and tons of ideas and plans. This month, I plan on breaking my day into two parts, and sticking to it: 8-12 work on my book, 12-5 work on my blog and everything else."

     Her plan is great for her but as I have a full time job outside of my craft business I tend to come home and veg out after work instead of crafting. I then try and get things done on weekends but family usually wants to do stuff then. So I need to dedicate a set time to craft on a regular basis.

       What I tend to do is if I have a couple of couple of craft fairs coming up I will take vacation time from work and binge craft to get product for the fairs ready. Often I will be up all night the night before the fair finishing up items. So my February mini resolution will be to set a time that I will craft. I don't go into the library until 12:45 on Tuesday and Wednesday so plan on having those days be my craft days. from 9 to 11 will be my crafting time. Hopefully by committing this to writing it will get me to actually fulfill the goal.

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