Thursday, May 12, 2016

Valley of Flowers Craft Fair

Just sharing a few picts from the Florissant Valley of Flowers Craft Fair that was last weekend.

Love Carrie's pyramid pals

Cards were the best sellers at this fair

Decided to use some of the wood cutouts that I got for journals and make some pins. They were a hit, especially the butterflies and owls.

Trying to get pictures of this turquoise rack was hard. It is so open that you can see everything behind it making it hard to distinguish the merchandise from the background. It just doesn't look as good as when up against a wall.

Getting a good view of the whole booth has the same problem, the background is so busy and blends in it is hard to tell our booth from those around us. Note to self, figure out a backdrop that will set us off from the rest of the crowd.

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