Saturday, September 5, 2015

Going on a Road Trip Adventure ~ Grab that Map

When ever I go on a road trip I love to stop at the visitor information center for each state. There is just something about all of those leaflets, just waiting for you, showing you all of the fun and exciting things to do. Now of course I am often just passing through on my way to another state. But somehow I will find myself grabbing a handful for the choicest destinations.

I have always loved maps and like to keep them in my car for a trip. 
I know, I know Google it. LOL

I do. 
But what happens when you miss your turn? 
Back Track??? and hope you get it right, because these roads aren't on your google directions.

GPS NO don't have it. Smart phone, no don't have one of those either. 

Stop and ask for directions and hope you don't run into the cast of "Deliverance" LOL, thats what we used to say. But now of course they have come out with even more terrifying movies about getting lost and making a " Wrong Turn" or stopping at a deserted "Rest Stop". I still haven't seen that one. Don't want to be too scared to road trip.

But having a handy dandy paper map could get you back to where you want to be going. And later you can use it to high light your scrap book with the places you visited or tell the story of how you got lost and this old fashioned item saved the day.

Yes there is something about pulling out a paper map, finding your location and plotting where you want to go that just gives you the feeling of being on an Adventure.

So the next time you road trip; stop at that visitors center, grab a handful of leaflets, get a road map and have an awesome Adventure!

See ya soon

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