Friday, June 12, 2015


Hello All,

Ok so here I am again. I really do plan on getting some pictures posted of wedding stuff. This week has been busy. Actually the past month has been a bit hectic.

I'll start with May

Craft Fair Florissant Valley of Flowers was May 1st and 2nd 
I worked at the library on Sunday May 3rd through Thursday May 7th

Off on the 8th but worked on Saturday May 9th
Went out to eat with Tiff on Sunday for Mothers Day at Simply Thai

Worked at the library Monday May 10th to Wednesday May 13th.
Made a wreath and put together the banners for the Bridal Shower.

Thursday May 14th 
Drove up to Chicago to pick my sister and her family up from the airport. Their flight arrived at 3:40 p. m. Drove down to Pekin to stay the night at my brothers.  

Friday May 15th
Slept in.
Went to Judy's (now Peggi's) in Morton for breakfast. My Mother used to work there when she was living. My sister lived near there when she first got married. And my brother-in-law worked there awhile. It is a small town diner with regular customers and everyone knows everybody.
Made a stop at the Walmart in Morton so they could do some shopping. Then headed home.

Saturday May 16th
Woke up that morning to find the garbage disposal dismantled on the kitchen table. Brother-in-law was bored and  asked my sister what needed fixing. Spent the morning having coffee and visiting.
Later I made a card for Tiffs shower.
5:00 loaded everything up in the car to head to a bridesmaids house were the shower was being held.
We decorated plastic goblets, had cocktails, appetizers and cajun gumbo. Played a few games. Tiff opened gifts and about 9:00 a bunch of the girls headed out to see a drag show. Not your typical bridal shower/bachelorette party.

Sunday May 17th
Slept in.

I can't remember the order of where all we went that week. We made trips to the grocery store ( got gluten free food for my sister), the goodwill, a couple of malls. Those are some of the places I took them.  

Tiff took them to others. Lowes to get a new garbage disposal, mine wasn't fixable.

 Tiff had us over on Monday for a barbecue. She had roasted corn on the cob, barbecue chicken, baked beans and s'mores with gluten free graham crackers.

My brother-in-law fixed my lawn mower, mowed the lawn, cleaned the gutters, fixed the sticking handle on the back door, put up a light fixture, replaced the shower head and installed the new garbage disposal. He's not happy without something to tinker with.

My sister had ordered three dressed from Target to wear in the wedding, she got two styles one was short the other style she got a long and short. The two short dresses were a bust, my niece thought the long dress made her mom look taller, she is all of 4' 11. The dress however needed hemmed but we could not do that until she found shoes. So while I was working on my dress they went with Tiff to look for shoes. She took them to a couple of thrift stores and not only did she find shoes she liked but a dress she liked better that fit perfect. So all the Target dresses went back the next day. And her travel budget increased, WooHoo!

Yes I said while I was working on my dress. I had the pattern and fabric but had not gotten around to making my dress for the wedding. I had tried ordering some items online and one of the blouses would have worked but it was a tad big and I wasn't really sold on it. The other items were just too casual, they were kind of dressy bohemian. But I did get the dress made and returned the top I didn't care for. The bohemian items I kept.

So this brings us to 
Thursday May 21st
Wedding rehearsal at 4:00 and afterwards dinner at Seamus McDaniels. 

The Bride and Groom gave out gifts to the bridesmaids and groomsmen and to their family members. Tiff gave me a cute cat card (we are cat people).

She wrote inside
Thank you soon much for everything that you do for me. I am so very thankful and grateful. I couldn't ask for a more awesome woman as my mother.

She is just soooo sweet!
And she gave me some lovely earrings. 

And now the Big Day is Here!!!
May 22nd
The Wedding

I'll share details about that in another post.

See Ya Soon

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