Monday, May 26, 2014

Going Green ~ Book Page Projects

In this months going green program we will be making several items using book pages. We will make two cards which use a piece of a book page as a design element on the card. We will make a gift bag from encyclopedia pages. And a wall hanging from a cover from an encyclopedia covered with book pages and decorated with a butterfly stamped on a folder.
This is the packet of supplies

Samples of the two cards

Encyclopedia Page Gift Bag

For the book page bag we are using encyclopedia pages.  
I have left them at the actual page hieght of 10 ¾”. 
  I trimed off the rough edges where the pages came out of the book, so the width is 7 ½”.

I scored 1 ¼’ from each side and 2” from the bottom. 

  Because the score lines are hard to see on this paper I used a red pencil to make the scores. 

  These marks will go on the inside to the bag.  

To assemble the bag fold on the score line on one side of a page.  

Place tape along the edge.  

Lay the edge of the other page covering the tape. 

 Make sure the red lines are on the inside and both pages have the tops lined up.

Flip the pages over and place tape along the edge of the top page.  

Fold up the bottom page on the score line and press in place.

While the bag is flat we will stamp it with green in and a leaf stamp. 

To form the bottom of the bag  cut along the side score lines up to the bottom score line.  

Fold in the flap to get a good crease.

Fold back out and place tape along the edges.

Cut a piece of folder to 2" by 5" this will make assembly easier
and gives the bottom some reinforcement.
Place this piece on the flap lining up one side with the inside edge of the flap. 

If the bottom piece is bigger than the flap trim to fit.

Fold the bottom in and line up with the inside edge of the other side flap.

Add tape to the edge of this flap and fold down and attach to the bottom.

Add tape to each of the long flaps and fold them in to
finish the assembly of the bottom of the bag.

Pinch in the sides matching the outside corners of the sides.
Make a nice sharp crease in the center of the side

Butterfly Wall Hanging

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