Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Hello, today was Chieftains, an SCA event held in the Barony of Three Rivers. I spent a lovely day there and just wanted to share some photos that I took. Here are some photos of the crowd and combat.

The theme for the event was German Mardi Gras, so there were a lot of ladies wearing lovely German Garb.

A performance of The Lady and the Newbie and the cloved orange, by Kaysa and Ravaz. In the story the Lady sees the handsome Newbie and decides to share a cloved orange with him. The Newbie thinks this in most gracious and tries to eat the orange. The Lady quickly stops him and shows him that he should take out a clove with his teeth. He takes out a clove and bites down, dislikes the tasted with a most exaggerated face and spits out the clove, and again tries to eat the fruit. The Lady once more shows him what to do, she pulls a clove from the fruit and chews it up, the Newbie takes the orange and does the same. Once he has chewed the clove the Lady grabs him by the collar and kisses him. The Newbie is shocked and pleasantly surprised. He bites another clove and kisses her in an old fashioned, romantic bend the lady over and make her swoon kiss.

Cloved Oranges were once a common site at SCA events. I do not seen them around that much any more, probably because most of the people at the events that have I attended are married or in a committed relationship. To learn more about the etiquette of the cloved fruit check out this site http://www.amtgard-wl.com/library/clovedorange/default.htm 

Photos of Court.

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