Saturday, November 16, 2013

Remodeling, Visitors from France and Vacation

Originally posted at Iantha's Ink on August 18, 2011

And the question is?..... What has Iantha been up to for the past month?

LOL remember that skit "The Great Carnac" with Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show? So that is what I have been doing instead of crafting. I totally remodeled my master bedroom, will post pictures later. I thought my daughter and her boyfriend were going to be staying with me while their apartment had some repair work and fumigation done, and I had been really wanting to do it anyway so I was determined to get it done for them to stay with me for the first week of August....... Well that's not what happened. 

My daughter asked me to meet her at Barnes and Nobel the day they were supposed to move animals and suff over. I get there and we are looking around the mystery section and I'm telling her about the Amelia Peabody series that I like (female archaeologist, need I say more), when out of the blue this woman comes up to me and says can I recommend this book to you. I briefly glance at her then look at the book (something about stocks or whatever) and I look back up to see why she is trying to get me interested in this book?? It was my sister, MY SISTER WHO LIVES IN FRANCE!!!!  The two of them had connived to create this setup (surprise) LOL!  

My reaction was obvious, I said YOUR SUPPOSED TO BE IN FRANCE! DUH!
Well Tiff and my sister both say I squealed, I don't remember any such thing, but they swear I did. The surprise was definitely on me. 

Oh and my niece was with her as well, I hadn't seen her since June of 2009. So they are the ones who got to stay in my newly remodeled bedroom for the first week of August. We did lots of shopping because according to my niece France doesn't have any of the cool stuff, she just turned 14, a teenager, you know where I'm coming from. LOL!

And then for the second week of August the three of us and my daughter went to Myrtle Beach for some fun in the sun. 

I'm back now but have had a cold, so when I got off work the past few days I didn't feel like doing anything. Bout to hit the hay now, but wanted to touch base since it has been awhile since I chatted with you all.

See ya,

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