France Day 4, La Basse

Day 4 was also a travel day but we made several stops. Originally on Day 3 we were heading to Clermont-Ferrand to see the Cathedral, but realized that we would arrive at 6:30 and it closes at 6:00. So it was decided that we would go to Francois' Dad's house which was just 2 hours away. A stop was made to get the supplies to make fajitas and we had a nice dinner and visit with Domi. The next morning I took some pictures of La Basse and then we headed out. I will split up my pictures in three post, those from La Basse now, and the ones from Crocq and Clermont in seperate post so they are not too long. 

La Basse is a quaint little village and Domi's home is almost 200 years old.

The window gives an idea of the thickness of the walls, 
from the red curtain to the window frame is about 2 feet.

The sundial on the wall of the house is accurate.

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