France Day 3

This was a day of travel. We did do some driving in Paris to try and find The Bibliothèque nationale de France, Richelieu Library. We did finally arrive there only to be told that since it was under renovation we could not go in unless we had a research card. You could not apply for a research card there, but had to go to another branch to do that. Because we had a long drive ahead of us we opted not to do that. Half of our group had left and found a cafe and as we were on the way to meet then came across a used book store, so stopped to look. I picked up a couple of books to use for crafting and Tiff found one that was kind of like a pop of book of historic documents about Molier. I did not take too many photos on the drive as trying to get a picture going 110 was next to impossible, by the time I saw the cool view or castle and had the camera ready we were passing it, or another car would pass in front of us as I took the picture. So this day is picture light.

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