France Day 1 ~ Walking Through Paris

Our First day in France was spent in Paris. We arrived at Charles De Gaulle airport at about 10:00 am France time, which was 4:00 am St Louis time. Some sleep was had on the plane, what you can get sitting up in a cramped chair with lots of ambient noise. We made our way off of the plane and out to the main arrival area of the airport. Found the rest rooms and then realized that we had gone too far and had to figure out how to get back into get our luggage. We then found Lisa and Gilli and made our way back into the luggage area to get our bags. Our next stop was the Hotel, and they had our rooms ready early so we were able to get all of our luggage unloaded and freshened up before setting out. The Hotel Arch de Triomphe was very nice, and just about 6 blocks from the actual Arch de Triomphe.

I took 188 pictures on day one alone, so I am going to break them up a bit. Here are the ones from sightseeing, and I will post the ones of Sainte Chapelle tomorrow. 

The adventure begins

The Arch de Triomphe, just passing by. 
On day 2 we went over to the Arch to see it up close and got to see all of the memorials .

Art Deco Metro entrance, so cool!

A distant view of the Eiffel Tower


Lots of poses in front of the tower

The Seine

The center area between the two buildings is were we were standing when taking the all of the photo ops of us with the tower in back.  

More shots of the Seine

Getting much closer

The wait to go up was an hour, plus the time spent at the top and the only ones who would go up were me and Gilli, so we didn't want to make everyone else wait around for us. And we had a mission to get to Sainte Chapelle, as that was on Tiffs to do list.  

Random shots walking through Paris

Jardin du Luxembourg 

The Sorbonne

The Cluny, we decided to go back and see this the next day.

Crossing over to the Ile de la Cite

Notre Dame, we had all been here on previous trips, so did not go inside.

Our final destination Sainte Chapelle. I will just add a few pictures here. I took lots of detail photos and will share those in a separate post.

Making our way back to the Hotel to freshen up and head out to dinner.

I really liked this building, can you tell?

For dinner we went out to Hippopotamus

We were not very adventurous, and got burgers and fries.
Tiff and I had to ask for ours to be well well done, and we got a nice medium burger

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